Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 is almost at an end.  An interesting year.  I turned 40 and found out that the rumors are true.  My body began to rapidly fall apart in ways that I hadn't even imagined.  Sagging skin and gray hairs are the most obvious.  I think the unexpected changes in my attitude were the most surprising.  I actually feel like a MOM!  I don't mean this in the way that you feel after having your first child and all the changes that go with it.  Or the realization that you are no longer living your life solely for yourself but rather for the little life you have created.  I mean the "what the heck is that playing on the radio you cant call that music and there is no way you will every leave the house wearing something like that and what did you just say?  I don't know what that word means!" kind of mom.  

My daughter is 8.  Ok, still a kid.  But maybe not.  Have you seen the clothes marketed at "kids" lately?  And the music.. Well I don't exactly listen to an oldies channel.  I don't even listen to JackFM the "we play everything as long as it is a late 80's power ballad or bad pop that you hoped you would never have to hear again" like my hubby. (He's so cute!)  No, I listen to the alternative station.  I know current music.  MUSIC that is .. not pop blither... but of course my daughter being 8, Pop is king. 

My 4 year old son has tapped into that extra energy store that kids that age have in spurts.  Unfortunately they never seem to coincide with my energy levels but rather with my periods of complete exhaustion.  He is also schooling me in the ways of "the boy".  They really are just little men.  It amazes me to watch him contemplate something.  To see the wheels turning in his head in a completely male way.  But he still loves to cuddle and likes to be my baby.  I'll take it.

My battle with the FMonster varies from day to day.  Today was rough.  Three hours of pain before I could wrestle myself out of bed.  I'm still aching but I'm upright and watching the kids play.  That is success.

What will 2008 bring?  I am hoping for more organization and a better routine for myself and the family.  More time spent doing things together as opposed to watching TV together.  I'm even happy with us all playing the Wii.  At least we are moving and laughing.  

Meanwhile... I will just keep knitting!