Tuesday, September 30, 2008

no school

No school today and I know have 5 kids running around the overcrowded townhouse. They are all behaving themselves rather respectfully I must say. The girls have baked cookies with only minor supervision and the boys are deeply entrenched in the world of Transformers.

The weather is lovely! I would like to go sit on the porch and finish up the Big Brownie sweater. That site is currently hosting a game of Twister as the cookies cool. I think I'll stay in the sunroom where it is quiet.

My mornings continue to be rough. Today was better because I was able to sleep an extra hour. I wish I could convince my body to fall asleep earlier because sleeping 2am-7am might have worked in my 20's but not so much now. Plus anything less than 8 hours really does make the Fibro worse. Still my sleep patterns won't budge. Thank goodness for the Ambien or I would be up till 5 or 6!

I like this iblogging. I have to get links set up so I can insert them. And I have to make time on actual computer so I can post pics and stuff. I'm checking out some apps that will let me do that from iPhone as well.

Off to patrol the kiddies!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


So... As I cannot seem to find time to sit at my computer and write I will try to do it on the run. I always have my iPhone with me... I often don't drive... I will attempt to be more productive with my abundant waiting time.

There was a FOX outside my house this morning. This is a townhouse, people. In the suburbs. Weird. I knew he had been running around here for a while but mostly in the single family houses near the woods. Really wants me want to remove the doggy door and lock the cats inside! Still he is small and so terribly ugly for a fox.

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