Thursday, November 20, 2008



puppy snores

fashion girl

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Monday, October 6, 2008
















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M and hats

M loves hats. She doesn't own many but she never passes up a chance to pose in as many as she can.

I'm learning to use Pixelpipe to upload my pics to several things at once. Perhaps that means they will at least uploaded to something! So then pics may follow this post or preceed it. I'll have to check to see how it turns out.

seriously Sergei's twin!
Flipped Up Fawkes

I am loooovin this colorway!
Mr Munchie

Jam munched waffle b4 heading to school
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

no school

No school today and I know have 5 kids running around the overcrowded townhouse. They are all behaving themselves rather respectfully I must say. The girls have baked cookies with only minor supervision and the boys are deeply entrenched in the world of Transformers.

The weather is lovely! I would like to go sit on the porch and finish up the Big Brownie sweater. That site is currently hosting a game of Twister as the cookies cool. I think I'll stay in the sunroom where it is quiet.

My mornings continue to be rough. Today was better because I was able to sleep an extra hour. I wish I could convince my body to fall asleep earlier because sleeping 2am-7am might have worked in my 20's but not so much now. Plus anything less than 8 hours really does make the Fibro worse. Still my sleep patterns won't budge. Thank goodness for the Ambien or I would be up till 5 or 6!

I like this iblogging. I have to get links set up so I can insert them. And I have to make time on actual computer so I can post pics and stuff. I'm checking out some apps that will let me do that from iPhone as well.

Off to patrol the kiddies!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


So... As I cannot seem to find time to sit at my computer and write I will try to do it on the run. I always have my iPhone with me... I often don't drive... I will attempt to be more productive with my abundant waiting time.

There was a FOX outside my house this morning. This is a townhouse, people. In the suburbs. Weird. I knew he had been running around here for a while but mostly in the single family houses near the woods. Really wants me want to remove the doggy door and lock the cats inside! Still he is small and so terribly ugly for a fox.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It IS Spring!

Spring seems to have actually sprung.  I think I might actually believe it this time.  Even though there were showers and overcast skies throughout the National Cherry Blossom Celebration last weekend as seems to be the tradition, this week is lovely.  I scoff at those who complain that it is still a little chilly in the mornings.  It is APRIL people!  The hot, humid DC Summer will be here before you know it and having the luxury of layering on a sweater instead of drenching through your skimpiest clothing will be lost.  
As a knitter, but one who runs to warm on the personal thermostat, I love Spring as much as I love Fall.  The fierce heaters are being turned off and I no longer have to lug a coat over my arm as I try to keep from passing out if I even think about wearing anything heavier than a cardigan in the mall.  I can show off some wonderful knitwear as I sit on the deck, watch the sun go down and work on a tank or light shawl.  And then there are socks.  My wonderful socks finally get a chance to be seen!  After hiding all winter under jeans and inside Doc Martins, they peak out of Mary Janes or even show themselves in their full glory with a sandal.  
Yes, Spring is my time of year!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Yarn Harlot!!!!!

So... I did get to the Borders in Annapolis last Monday to hear Stephanie Pearl-McPhee talk.  I was so excited!!  I went alone but I was spotted sitting in the back by Carol and the Lindsays from Celtic Yarn Shop.  They had an extra seat because someone from the shop couldn't make it so they rescued me and I got to sit in the 4th row!!  We... what can I say.  The Harlot slayed me.  Her dry sense of humor is so completely up my alley.  Everything she says I can relate to and her responses are so often the things that go through my mind.  I wish I had been able to convince my hubby to stay and listen with me.  He would have found her observances quite amusing.  When I told him about the study where they found repetitive motions, knitting particularly, were good for dealing with stress but the decided it was "not practical to carry emergency knitting for stressful situations."  I thought he was gonna bust his gut.  Since I refer to my knitting as "my nervous knitting bag" and I always have extra bags of knitting in the car just in case what I am carrying just doesnt do it for me in a certain situation.
The entire evening was fantastic.  I really appreciated Stephanie telling us the story of the "Calgary Incident".  I had tears running freely down my face and actually had to pause in my knitting I was laughing so hard.
In line to get my book signed dd m-illy joined me and asked to be my photographer.  Like a bonehead I had forgotten my camera but I had the iphone and she takes pretty good pics with it.  When we go up the the table M asked Stephanie if the cartoon drawing on the cover of the book was supposed to be her.  Steph replied that she hoped not!  and commented that it must be passive aggressive behavior on the part of the publisher because she said they could not put a pic of her on the cover.  She maintains that her hair must look better than that pic!

Now I must figure out how to get the pics from the evening up... but it is well after midnight.  Hubby is snoring and I have to take both kids to the dentist tomorrow.  Should I survive that... we will work on making this blog more attractive to look at...

cheers for now

Where does the time go?

I still havent taken the time to get pictures uploaded so I can share.  I deeply appologize for that.  I have so many things about this blogging thing that are new to me.  I want to figure out how to put the little buttons of all the things and people I support...I know it must be simple but my brain is just having one of those weeks.

So... the Divine Miss M-illy turned 9 on Saturday.  She wanted Webkinz.  So the got WEBKINZ!  Tons.  I think 8 was the count for the day.  She is hoping for more at her "friends" party this coming weekend.  This brings the family tally (because yes, I have a few myself as does Jam and even B has 1) to 26 I believe.  I will have to go back and count.  Whewwww.. I tell ya.  But I have embraced the little stuffies.  They are learning some pretty good things online like money management and remembering to feed and exercise the little guys.  Even Jam gets on there and can do pretty much anything that doesnt require reading.  I usuallly catch B on there at least once a night playing one of the games and racking up kinz cash!  

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Homespun Yarn Party

Ok, I have got to get this blog thing going.  Everyone seems to have one now a days and it sure is a simpler way of communicating.  This way everyone gets to know you online and when you finally meet face to it is more like a reunion!
I saw the beginnings of this today at the Homespun Yarn Party out in Tacoma Park.  There were quite a few Ravelry buttons running around and those who didn't have buttons were quick to jump in with the sharing of their user names as well.  

The event was a lot of fun and there was  quite a good turn out.  It was, in fact, a bit crowded when Lyn and I first got there.  I am not a tall person and had to be patient while trying to look over the shoulders of  others who were drooling over the lovely hand dyed goodies.  We made sure to get some rice krispy treats from the Ravelry bake sale booth.  What a yummy way to support your fav site!
Lyn has decided to jump into the world of sock knitting and pick out some delightful yarn from Woolarina.  I have purchased from her before back at Crafty Bastard in DC last year and I really love her colors.  I also got two skeins of green and blue loveliness that I plan on using to make a light-weight Clopotis.  
I also cleared Storm Moon Knits out of their worsted weight "You Are All Weirdos!"  Which will become a funky bluey/blacky/periwinkly cardigan.  I gotta decide on pattern now.  
The Sanguine Gryphon provided me with some droolicious blue variagated laceweight and some red silk/cashmere fingering weight that leaves me speachless.  
My final grab was a ginormous skein on orange lace weight from  Dragonfly Fiber Designs.  This stuff is squishy sunshine!  My boy's fav color is orange and he is bonkers over this skein.  I haven't figured out what a 4 year old boy needs in laceweight but maybe I can work something out for him.

All in all a fabuloso day!  I will have to get the camera out tomorrow and be disciplined enough to upload the pics in a timely manner.