Tuesday, September 30, 2008

no school

No school today and I know have 5 kids running around the overcrowded townhouse. They are all behaving themselves rather respectfully I must say. The girls have baked cookies with only minor supervision and the boys are deeply entrenched in the world of Transformers.

The weather is lovely! I would like to go sit on the porch and finish up the Big Brownie sweater. That site is currently hosting a game of Twister as the cookies cool. I think I'll stay in the sunroom where it is quiet.

My mornings continue to be rough. Today was better because I was able to sleep an extra hour. I wish I could convince my body to fall asleep earlier because sleeping 2am-7am might have worked in my 20's but not so much now. Plus anything less than 8 hours really does make the Fibro worse. Still my sleep patterns won't budge. Thank goodness for the Ambien or I would be up till 5 or 6!

I like this iblogging. I have to get links set up so I can insert them. And I have to make time on actual computer so I can post pics and stuff. I'm checking out some apps that will let me do that from iPhone as well.

Off to patrol the kiddies!!