Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It IS Spring!

Spring seems to have actually sprung.  I think I might actually believe it this time.  Even though there were showers and overcast skies throughout the National Cherry Blossom Celebration last weekend as seems to be the tradition, this week is lovely.  I scoff at those who complain that it is still a little chilly in the mornings.  It is APRIL people!  The hot, humid DC Summer will be here before you know it and having the luxury of layering on a sweater instead of drenching through your skimpiest clothing will be lost.  
As a knitter, but one who runs to warm on the personal thermostat, I love Spring as much as I love Fall.  The fierce heaters are being turned off and I no longer have to lug a coat over my arm as I try to keep from passing out if I even think about wearing anything heavier than a cardigan in the mall.  I can show off some wonderful knitwear as I sit on the deck, watch the sun go down and work on a tank or light shawl.  And then there are socks.  My wonderful socks finally get a chance to be seen!  After hiding all winter under jeans and inside Doc Martins, they peak out of Mary Janes or even show themselves in their full glory with a sandal.  
Yes, Spring is my time of year!