Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where does the time go?

I still havent taken the time to get pictures uploaded so I can share.  I deeply appologize for that.  I have so many things about this blogging thing that are new to me.  I want to figure out how to put the little buttons of all the things and people I support...I know it must be simple but my brain is just having one of those weeks.

So... the Divine Miss M-illy turned 9 on Saturday.  She wanted Webkinz.  So the got WEBKINZ!  Tons.  I think 8 was the count for the day.  She is hoping for more at her "friends" party this coming weekend.  This brings the family tally (because yes, I have a few myself as does Jam and even B has 1) to 26 I believe.  I will have to go back and count.  Whewwww.. I tell ya.  But I have embraced the little stuffies.  They are learning some pretty good things online like money management and remembering to feed and exercise the little guys.  Even Jam gets on there and can do pretty much anything that doesnt require reading.  I usuallly catch B on there at least once a night playing one of the games and racking up kinz cash!